Monday, October 1, 2012

Monday Moments: Scrapbook Edition

Yesterday was Sunday, which meant another Speed Scrap on the My Memories Facebook page. These things are so fun, and I almost always come away with a great page! 

I haven't found myself with a ton of time to scrapbook lately, but I loved getting back into it last night! Caroline is now 11 months old (plus a few days) and I am in shock! How did this happen? I wrote not that long ago about how she was still able to fit into 3-6 month clothes, and all of the sudden everything in her closet is 12 or 18 months stuff, and it all fits!

She's coming up fast on her first birthday, and though I knew everything about Gabe's birthday at this point (theme, cake, gift), I know almost nothing about Caroline's right now! I want to celebrate it for sure, I just can't decide how! And it doesn't help that this economy has hit some of my extended family pretty hard, and I'm not sure how many people are going to be willing or able to make the trip here to party with us...

But like I said, we will for sure do something, and this digital scrapbook kit has me really leaning toward a My Little Pony party! 

How cute is this thing? I could see all but the pony elements working for a Care Bears party too, which if you've seen my daughter's crib, you know is right up my alley! So much planning to do! 

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