Monday, October 22, 2012

Getting organized: week two

Last Monday I chronicled my plan to get organized with my sewing, a plan I am still trying to implement. 

So, what worked? Having project(s) prepped and cut was definitely helpful! It was exactly as I thought, and if there was something simple for me to work on, I worked on it! 

What I didn't expect, however, was that I found a lot of motivation to do other things. It was like my projects were energizing me, because I got so much more laundry, cleaning, and cooking done when I was sewing every day. Awesome!  

What I also didn't expect was to be gifted a Kindle for my birthday and getting to curl up and read an entire book this weekend! I haven't read a whole book in...I don't know how long! (I chose Water for Elephants for those of you wondering. Very good, but not very different from the movie, so I didn't much feel like I was gaining anything by having read it.  Though, the vintage circus photos at the beginning of every chapter were pretty cool!)

There are still some things that are not working with my sewing schedule. I'm still having trouble fitting in shopping on Saturdays and enough time on Sundays to cut everything I need for the week. As I predicted, when I ran out of easy to sew, prepped and cut projects I did not have time to prep and cut more (minus the super-simple hip holster for Victoria's Halloween costume, anyway). I have to do some thinking on this...

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