Monday, October 15, 2012

Getting organized...I hope!

I have been reading other blogs and gathering ideas for awhile now, because I just don't feel productive. The baby is older, nursing less and entertaining herself more, yet sometimes I feel as overwhelmed with projects as I did when she was a newborn! 

My grand plan was to institute a schedule. It was a good plan made with work schedules and local business hours in mind. Friday was to be project planning day, where I would decide what I would do for the week and pull fabrics. Saturday was to be shopping day. If my particular project needed any fabric, thread, interfacing, etc. that I didn't have on hand, I would go shopping. Sunday was to be project prep day, where I would magically iron and cut all of my projects for the entire week on the day that the fabric stores were all closed. 

It is still a decent plan, but here's how it worked out. I planned out which projects to do last week early, as I was already past the cutting day when anyone was home to keep the kids occupied while I played with rotary blades. So I dreamed and plotted, just knowing how awesomely productive I was going to be. 

I already knew that I didn't need anything other than template plastic, so I decided not to go shopping Saturday. Sunday I realized that I hadn't pulled fabric to iron and cut, and that somewhere in the few days since I had compiled my project list, I had lost it. Nice! 

I fail completely at being organized. I still can't find that list! 

So it's Monday and a sewing day. I was supposed to have the fabric cut for a panda, two test quilt blocks, my table runner and part of my Holiday Lane pillow that's in the sidebar there. 

My table runner is cut, as are two houses for the pillow. The panda fabric, and the fabric for the test quilt blocks is ironed and will probably be wrinkled by the time I get back to it. But I'm not discouraged! I just need to find the schedule that works for me...hopefully sooner than later! 

Any tips for me? I'd love to hear them! 

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