Monday, October 29, 2012

Monday Moments & Free printable child's party hat!

Available for free download here
Available for free download here
Available for free download here
Are you aware that Miss Caroline is one? One whole year ago I was in the hospital meeting that tiny little girl for the first time. I am in shock! 

And very nearly on cue, My Memories offered these party hats as a free printable (or as a completely customizeable template for My Memories software owners...and if you don't own the software and would like to, there is a discount code in my sidebar!)

These are free for one week only! After that they will be available for purchase in the My Memories Store under the "craftables" category along with some of the past freebies like birthday crowns, coffin shaped treat boxes and gift bags

Look at how cute they are in the All the Pretty Ponies kit I featured here! Not as cute as the first time birthday girl, but pretty adorable all the same! 

Of course, her hat was pretty quickly ripped off and covered in rainbow icing, but I'm thinking of printing a second one for her keepsake box!

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