Thursday, January 29, 2009


I cursed myself saying the second batch would go quicker. I thought it would be fun to create the cupcakes in a baker's dozen, or at least a dozen, but by the time I had made ten wrappers and ten frosting piles I was a little less than excited about doing another two or three.

Now that I am actually layering them together I have decided I don't like the remaining three wrappers with the remaining three frosting colors. So it looks like I'll be doing a baker's dozen anyway to use the pieces I've already made. Shoot!

In other news, I have had this picture sitting on my computer for awhile almost daring myself to post it here. I am sort of afraid though. If I put it up and say that I'm going to do something with it, but then don't actually get it done for another two months...well, that would be lame.

Alright, here goes nothing...

Coming soon: a project inspired by this guy. Care to guess what it is?

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sweet thang

I started these adorable cupcake key chains months ago. A bunch of my girlfriends got together and got me this totally awesome gift just when I needed a pick-me-up. The idea was something sweet for someone sweet. Of course, by the time I actually finished all 15 of them....

Oh well! It's still a fun thing even if they now require a lengthy explanation. I'm thinking I'll start whipping up a second batch. Hopefully I won't lose steam this time. It should be easier without a baby blanket and a bunch of Christmas projects in the way.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


The baby quilt is done! I feel this huge sense of accomplishment. I made a quilt...albeit a baby quilt, I still completed an entire blanket. Wahoo!

The quilt is both a congratulatory gift and a thank you gift for a man my husband works with. Back in August my husband lost his job. It took three months for him to find steady work with a former employer. This guy knew how much we were hurting and actually took time off, gave up entire days of work, just so that our family could have some money coming in. In the midst of all of this, he found out his wife was pregnant.

We really feel like their sacrifice for us deserves some kind of gesture. There is no way we can repay them the money they lost out on helping us, but I do have a fabric stash and a sewing machine. I truly hope that they love it, and that their baby boy or girl (they're going for the big surprise) gets plenty of use out of it.

I must say though, that I am sort of disappointed in how the pictures of it turned out. In person it's so soft and cute. Just holding it made me wish I was bringing home a new baby. Sigh...

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Feeling quilty

Three years ago, as we were preparing to move into this house, there was a bubblegum pink and lilac dresser that just had to come with us. That dresser was in my head. The actual piece of furniture was pumpkin orange with black hardware and in no shape whatsoever to reside in my step-daughter's new room.

A trip to the paint department of my local Home Depot convinced me that not only did I need to transform the orange monstrosity, but my step-son's headboard that he had never once complained about needed to undergo the oh-so-dramatic change from black to navy blue.

I was obviously in need of some serious psychiatric help. All I thought I needed was a drop cloth.

Rummaging through the linen closet I happened upon a well worn twin sized quilt that my grandma made for me. I heard her voice, "It's only machine quilted." I pulled it out.

My future husband balked at me. It was a quilt! "It's only machine quilted," I said in the same tone my grandma used so many years ago, "Grandma hand quilted everything."

Now, as I am finishing up my first quilt, all by machine, I realize how ridiculous that was. Quilting is not easy. While I've been at the sewing machine, swearing under my breath at the backing fabric that won't stay put no matter how many safety pins are in it, I have been reflecting on the moment when I decided it was okay to ruin the quilt my grandma made me...and feeling guilty.


I've come to realize that behind everything I make there is a story. So, while I fully intend for this to be about crafts, my crafts are usually inspired by the people in my life, and there will inevitably be anecdotes.

I may also post the occasional photo that makes me say, "Wow, I did that?" and I'll warn you, sometimes the exclamation is more about how incredibly gorgeous I think my child is than the photograph itself.

End disclaimers.