Monday, September 24, 2012

Monday Moments

Let's see, Thursday I showed you the wonky top to my mini quilt. I still have not quite figured out how to disguise/fix that, so I'm contemplating moving on to another sewing project while I'm contemplating that.

Friday I got a haircut. I felt like David Cassidy. The stylist told me if I didn't blow it dry or straighten it I'd have a nice wave. So I did that last night (though in all reality it was because Caroline was way fussy and had nothing to do with wanting a nice wave), and this morning I think I look like John Travolta in his Welcome Back Kotter days. Granted, men in the 70's had really feminine hair styles, but it was not what I wanted to look like. If I ever figure out how to tame this mess, I may post pictures. For right now, I'm a little sad. 

Also on Friday, we took the kids to the circus. 

Gabe thought this guy in the stilts was pretty much the best thing ever. I am still trying to figure out the new camera, but I really liked the kind of pretty blur it put on these pictures. Enough focus to see what's going on, but you can see the movement too. 

At some point during the show I thought I heard Gabe clamoring for the elephants from his seat. As we were walking out, I mentioned to my husband how excited he was to see them. He laughed and said, "No, he told me he could smell the elephants." That kid cracks me up! When he isn't making me tear my hair out, anyway. 

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