Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Monday Moments: Tuesday Edition

Yesterday I was busy telling you all about how I completed my quilt top, so you get your cute baby picture fix today. 

Caroline is nine months old, and getting bigger...but not. She is wearing a 3-6 month onsie and pair of capris here. I will concede that it is a store brand (Kohls) which usually run large, and that it is one of the few 3-6 month things that still fits her. Her doctor is not concerned. She was born in about the 5th percentile and he expects her to stay there through her childhood, even if she did jump out to about the 17th for awhile. 

I took her to my friend's house over the weekend and she crawled all around, pulling herself to stand on just about anything. My friend has a niece who is only a month older than her and she marveled at how my daughter was so much smaller, but able to do so much more. I have a feeling that when she begins walking (probably soon, girl is cruising like a champ) I will be getting a lot of bewildered stares!

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