Friday, October 19, 2012

Hunger Games Clove DIY Costume Vest

Earlier in the week I posted that Victoria had decided to be Clove from the Hunger Games for Halloween. She looks like this:

Source: via Melinda on Pinterest

We were able to find clothes to approximate a lot of this look, but the knife vest was a little trickier. I briefly considered sewing a vest from scratch, but, for less than the cost of a zipper at the fabric store I was able to get an old winter coat to turn into a vest. The coat part was important, because I was able to use perfectly matching fabric from the sleeves and hood I cut off to make knife pockets. 

The knife handles could be a little shorter, but these were available at the dollar store and stood out way better against the black vest than the $2 black handled knives at the party store, even if they were a better length. 

We tried hard to find a hunting type knife to put on her hip, but that's just not popular for Halloween costumes, so we ended up with an old looking dagger with a skull on the handle. I made a sheath for it from some embossed felt I found at the Hobby Lobby that looks just like tooled leather. 

It should be interesting to see how it all comes together on Halloween...and if anyone has any idea who she is! 

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