Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A First

I tried my hand at dyeing fabric for the first time ever last night. That is, unless you count tie dyeing, which I think is a whole different experience than dyeing one thing all the same color. So these socks are now Rit Sunshine Orange. Kind of loving them and wondering why I didn't throw more items into the dye bath, this color makes me really happy! 

The box says that items that aren't 100% cotton won't reach full color, but I concentrated it a little bit by removing one gallon of water and these turned out awesome! Very Velma, I think! 

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  1. Nice!! I always want to dye things but had a bad experience with dyeing a bath robe when I was in high school, and the color bleeding into everything else even a million washes later. Do you have to do anything to set the dye, or wash it separately from things from now on?


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