Monday, July 30, 2012

Monday Moments, and vote for me!

How did it happen that it's Monday again? Wow! Kind of the same way I feel about Caroline being nine months old. She has officially been out just as long as she was in...

I posted this photo of her in the dress I made over on the Michael Miller Facebook page. If you "like" it, I have a chance to win 10 yards of fabric! So go visit and like the photos of people's projects, and if you have a project of your own made exclusively of Michael Miller Fabrics, enter along with me! 

In other news, I have been slacking at posting my Speed Scrap layouts here. I really enjoy the prompts as they force me to try things I wouldn't normally. 

Made with the adorable Brickworks kit.

Last Sunday I did this cute Lego page for Gabe. This Sunday I scrapped some more pictures from the photographer. 

Created with Siblings are Forever

Instead of paying for prints of all of these, then buying a photo album to put them into, I'm making a book. I'm going to try to put most of the 93 photos I got back into it. Some of them are definitely not frame worthy, but they do tell a story and are perfect for a scrapbook! 

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