Sunday, July 1, 2012

Scrapbook Sunday with Freebies!

I thought I had more time to get these My Memories Freebies to you, but there is a little rumor that they're putting out a new one tomorrow for the Fourth of July! (I may have requested it and seen an amazing preview for it...just maybe!) 

This time the freebie is paper purses to use as invitations or greeting cards. So seriously cute and I didn't want anyone to miss the chance to grab it! 

Purse Card Tutorial

1.  Print your Purse Card templates on cardstock and gather supplies.  (Recommended supplies: small craft scissors, bone folder, 8-12" of ribbon, stapler, tape or velcro)
TIP: To print your information on the inside create another page with the template in place.  Put all your text and embellishments in (leaving a little room on the edges) and then remove the template right before exporting or printing the inside page on the back of the first.  This will keep from having to worry about if the templates line up exactly when cutting out your card.
front of sample cardback of sample card

2.  Using the scissors cut along outside line.
sample card cut out

3.  Fold card at indentations.
TIP: Using a bone folder will help you get crisp edges on your project.
folded sample card

4.  Repeat by folding down top flap.
top piece folded down on sample card

5.  Staple ribbon to both sides of your card on the inside to look like a strap or handle.
add ribbon to sample card

6.  Enjoy the finished cards and share.  Don't forget to use your imagination.  The possibilites are endless!
finished sample cards

Cute, right? You can choose your free template in the blue and yellow boy version shown here, or one of two girly versions in pink and black or pink and purple. As usual, these templates can be completely customized in My Memories Suite (and if you don't have the software my handy code in the sidebar will get you both $10 off and a $10 credit to the My Memories store)! Ready to see mine? 

Two very different styles (that I have yet to find the perfect ribbon handles for)! I am having so much fun with these new freebies! I used Hush Little Baby and I Love Rock N' Roll with a hot pink background from another kit. It was also the perfect excuse to try out this Facebook fan freebie Wild Child alpha! Love it! 

Check back tomorrow for links to more freebies! 

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