Monday, April 9, 2012

Two finishes!

I posted last Monday about entering the Challenge over at Amy's Creative Side. My goal was to finish the dress I started for Caroline, and I'm happy to say I did it! Want proof?

The dress is made from Simplicity 2668, and if you read my previous post about it, you can see what I meant about how huge it is! Though Caroline slightly exceeds the minimum height and weight for the 6 months size, I would not consider this fitting, at all. Which is a real bummer because not only is it adorable, she loves the bright, high-contrast colors. She does nothing but stare at and reach for this dress if it's in sight. I guess we'll try it on again in June, sigh

Big accomplishment for me, this was the first item I actually tried to machine sew a zipper in! (If you've been following for a long while, you might remember that I made a Halloween costume with a zipper a year ago. I was actually so nervous about messing it up that I hand stitched the whole thing in!) 

It's not perfect, especially that little gape in the middle there, but it opens and closes all the way, and I'll only get better from here!

And lastly, if you are visiting from Amy's blog you may have seen me comment that if I finished with time, I was going to try my hand at a cloth diaper. I had the time! I think it's so cute, but all of the pictures I took of the parts turned out funky, and I certainly can't show you the lining while the baby is wearing I'll leave you with this adorable photo of chubby baby thighs and a promise that I will get some better pictures and post all about it in a couple days! 


  1. Cute! Caroline is adorable, and the dress turned out great.

  2. Chubby baby thighs are the best. A beautiful dress for a beautiful baby. Thanks for sharing.


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