Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Finishing a UFO

I made three quilt blocks last night, which is actually a lot bigger accomplishment than it sounds like with a crawling, standing, teething baby. 

The shape may be familiar to you. I am making a last ditch effort to finish this UFO. The previous blocks to this quilt were the third things I had ever pieced. I liked the looks of them in my photos, and every time I came across the pictures I would say, "Why haven't I finished that quilt?" Then I would go dig the blocks out and quickly realize that up close and in person, they were really lackluster. I was so frustrated with it, that I nearly sold all of my finished blocks in my garage sale last summer! 

My plan for finishing this UFO is to scrap the blocks I hate (and there are quite a few, my tastes have changed over the years), group the blocks I like according to value (the values just aren't playing off of each other the way I thought they would), make it a lap size and quilt it to call more attention to the muslin bits that make up the sawtooth stars. I'm also thinking of giving it a muslin border with small star blocks anchoring the corners. That way the star motif will be more noticeable too. 

If I hate it, well, then at least I have this monkey off my back and a charity auction I'm donating to in a couple weeks! 

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