Tuesday, January 8, 2013

"Cover to Cover"..What I hope to accomplish

I have been hopping around the internet trying to access some of my scrapbook pages that I lost in my hard drive crash. As part of the "Cover to Cover" series My Memories is hosting, I had wanted to complete my 2012 book while working on a new book for 2013. I'm happy to say that I was able to retrieve a bunch of my work, and I'm feeling ambitious about maybe finishing 2011 as well! I wanted a go-to list of events I want to scrap so that when a challenge comes up, I'm not left flailing around wondering what I need to work on to meet my goal! 

Kids playing in the snow
Nite Lites
Gabe sitting with Santa
Getting our tree
Caroline at Thanksgiving
Me and my sister
Gabe's birthday
Caroline's 1st birthday
Pumpkin Gun/New Salem
Michigan's Adventure
Duck Lake
Legoland/Rainforest Cafe/Field Museum
Photo shoot
Victoria's birthday
Gabe's Snowman

Caroline's First Christmas
Santa Train
Getting our tree
Gabe's birthday
Caroline coming home
Caroline's hospital pics
Caroline's first photo
Setting up the baby's room
Bowen's Mill
My birthday
Baby Showers
Ft. Wayne
Victoria's birthday
The ocean
Monster Jam

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