Thursday, January 10, 2013

Two new scrapbook pages

In my last post, I listed the scrapbook pages I hope to complete for 2012, and to my surprise, there weren't many! I spent some time pinning page sketches and have decided to try and complete my entire book by the end of next month (I have a free photo book coupon that expires then)! Normally, sketches are where I turn when I'm just stuck about something, but I'm starting out with them now because I'm in a bit of a time crunch, but still want a customized look.

Sketch inspiration here, kit used is Flakes and Fun
Sketch inspiration here, free alphas here
I combined a few things and tried some new for Victoria's soccer page! The kit I used for this one is Hoo-Who Loves You and I think the colors and patterns are really great for tween and teen girls! However, owls were not what I was looking for on this page. I took a soccer ball from another kit and tried out the new recolor feature in My Memories. I think it turned out pretty good! Of course, I mentioned before that recoloring does mess with the shadows, so I had to create and shadow a second circle to place behind them, but I don't think you can tell! I'm so glad this feature is available now, otherwise I would have had to buy a whole new kit just to get a ball that wasn't orange! 

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  1. Your scrapbooking is really fabulous!! I love the Nite Lites page, it really captures the sparkling light festive feeling.


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