Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Two Page Scrapbook Layout

Okay, okay, I promise that I fully intend to start sewing something tonight (or at least fabric cutting tonight), but in the meantime, you just have to bear with me as I finish up scrapping 2012. I'm getting really close! 

I pinned this page sketch because I thought that little banner was really fun and would make a great circus layout. When I pinned it, I didn't even know that my circus kit actually had a near identical banner in it! That was a pleasant surprise! 

Kit is Birthday Circus with added popcorn
I made the basic background of my page and then inserted a duplicate. The banners, ribbon and papers lined up perfectly this way! I opted to put the small cluster of three photos on the opposite page and put a journal tag and an embellishment cluster in their place. I think this turned out so fun! It's one of the few pages I had to redo and I'm glad I got the chance. This is way better than my original that I lost in the hard drive crash! 

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