Monday, January 14, 2013

Monday Moments Scrapbook Edition

Are you getting tired of the scrapbook pages yet? I hope not! I still have several more to complete before I even start 2013 (and 2011?)! 

Last night was the Speed Scrap on My Memories Facebook page. When we were told to have three photos ready I quickly looked through the list of pages I wanted to complete and saw an event that I had three great photos for. 

Kit is called Falling for You, but I think it's retired...sorry! 
We've been searching for a new pumpkin patch since our old one went crazy raising their prices and started making us wait in 20 minute lines (always fun with kids)! Every year we have auditioned a new place, and I think we may have found a winner! The kids had so much fun playing with the pumpkin gun here! Gabe even shot it off a couple times before the noise bothered him too much...that boy doesn't even like the hand dryers in public restrooms, so that says a lot! I'll be turning this into a two page layout with the rest of the photos from that day.

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