Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Monday Moments: Tuesday Edition

Since I was busy entering Amy's challenge yesterday, I thought I'd throw some Easter scrapbook pages your way today! 

Do you know what I love about digital scrapbooking? I made these layouts Saturday night, not having any idea if I would have any photos to fit them, and not having to worry about it because I can just hit the delete button! No wasted supplies, just a little time..but thankfully they did work out, and now my Easter is scrapped just two days after the holiday! (Though I might add in a date to Caroline's page and change that orange paper on Gabe's to something  in a springy yellow.)

I don't know if you can read my journal tag, but Gabe named the colored eggs and called them his friends! Now all eggs are friends and he has to be reminded at least once a day not to play with his "raw friends" lest he make a huge, sticky mess! I'm thinking I need to invest in some wooden eggs to decorate so he can get this out of his system...

I threw together a bunch of kits for these. I know there are a few Mye De Leon things in there, some freebies I got from Just Jaimee and the adorable bunny, chick and eggs came from this element kit. As always, if you'd like to do your own digital scrapbooking the link to the software I use and a discount code to purchase it is in my sidebar! 

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