Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I have been hard at work drafting patterns for my niece's baby doll that came with nothing to wear other than a diaper. Here is what I have come up with so far.

The first pattern I was successful with was for this ensemble. I meant for the capri pants to be bloomers, but misread a measurement I made and decided this length was much more fitting for the style of the outfit. I initially intended for the shirt to be made from the dress fabric I used on my embroidered kokeshi doll, but I messed up my first draft and made the big mistake of making my first draft out of that fabric. Whoops! There wasn't enough left to make the kimono top out of, so I grabbed this coordinating, sort of Asian looking print from my stash.

Then I made the length a little longer (too long, if I make more pants I will definitely hem a half inch at the bottom versus a quarter) and turned the back of the kimono into the front of this shirt. For the back I just cut the front in half and added 3/4 inches to both sides. Much easier with a doll this tiny than trying to design anything to fit over her head. I appliqued a leftover piece of the teddy bear flannel to her shirt to make it look more like the pajamas my niece might wear.

Then there's this. My first draft of this top didn't work either. I had no gathers, but a really wide bottom thinking it would sort of puff out. It didn't. I'd like to try yet a third version of this where the top only goes about half way down the sleeves and the dress gathers from there, but I hate it when I draft a pattern that doesn't work, so I might just leave it. The bloomers are another altered version of the capri pants.

Other than making these same outfits in different color ways (and attempting to get a ruffle butt out of the backside of a different pair of bloomers) I really have no plans for more clothes. I might embellish with buttons, lace or rickrack, but I am thinking I'm done drafting patterns for her wardrobe. What do you think? Are these three styles enough?


  1. I think three patterns are enough...you're creative enough to make several things out of the same pattern and have them all look unique.

    What are you using to fasten them with, velcro?

    I'm pretty sure the asian inspired top is made out of the fabric that was supposed to be curtains in my studio...I'm glad you found a use for it after it didn't work out for me.

  2. I am fastening them with velcro. I don't think four is quite old enough for buttons and snaps, plus velcro is way easy on me.

    And yes, that is the curtain fabric. The darker green on it almost perfectly matches the pants. So thank you! :)

  3. Melinda... WOW! Ha, now I feel a little ashamed... Julia has a poor doll that is naked except for the "underwear" I made from it using sock toes... ha, ha, ha! I must get on baby-clothes makin'.

    You are amazing, woman! Keep at it! I think for the gift, three is definitely enough. :) Let me know if you can add me to your list of "things to make"... I'd love some clothes for Julia's doll!


  4. Great job Melinda. As always. I agree with the others. Three seems to be enough. Maybe you can just make her more clothes later..for a birthday or Christmas or something if she really enjoys changing her that often...it'll be a nice present. I know that I bought a few outfits for my niece's doll and they were $25 each!!!!!


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