Friday, August 13, 2010

Once more

This is another "finally!" project of sorts. See, there's this little girl my step-daughter knows. Someone who is a friend of her mom's side of the family that I have never met. About a year ago I was busy, busy making large, complicated stuffed animals when my step-daughter asked me, "Can you make one for my friend's birthday?" I said that maybe we could do a smaller one, an elephant, for Christmas.

Of course, when Christmas rolled around I was neck deep in my own seasonal projects and she had not forgotten like I had hoped.

This week when she mentioned this same little girl was having another party on Saturday and could I maybe make her a pillow or something I got that look from my husband. One of those looks that says, "You are never going to get her to stop asking..." it's very similar to the "You're never going to live this down" look. I decided that the initial elephant I told her we could make would be easier than drafting a pattern for a pillow. She picked out some fabric from a box recently shipped to me by my amazing friend, Erin and I headed down to the sewing room.

I can breathe a big sigh of relief knowing that I will never again be badgered to make this elephant. Of course, now that I have made one gift for one friend, there will probably be more badgering of a different sort in the future.

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