Sunday, March 7, 2010


I made one new girl doll for Dolly Donations this past week. It was my intent from the beginning to have shoes on all of my dolls before they were shipped off to New York, but for awhile there it was way more fun to sit in the sewing room constructing the dolls themselves.

This weekend, though, was perfectly relaxing and I found myself just wanting to sit in the living room and hang out with the family. The absolute best time to bust out a little hand sewing!

I can now say that all of my finished dolls (with the exception of the boys in shorts, because I think they should remain barefoot) have shoes. These are the girls. Two black, one brown, one purple and one blue pair of shoes, all hand sewn with a chunky, cute running stitch or a thin, pretty blanket stitch.

I made something equally cute for the three boys I finished this past week, but I am going to make you all wait until Tuesday for those.


  1. Those shoes are too cute!

    I've been meaning to are doing the faces...embroidery or fabric paint?

  2. Fabric paint and just regular acrylics. :)

  3. They're gorgeous...I especially like the layered colors on the lips and the highlights in the gives them great dimension.


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