Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I finished three boy dolls for Dolly Donations this week. These were going to be my last three dolls, but my awesome friend Keli would hear none of it and sent me a whole yard of brown fabric so I could keep creating. Thanks, so much, Keli!

As a result of my limited fabric, my boys could not be bare legged, like I made them previously. But now that I have more I am certainly planning on making more brown legs wrapped up in little shorts.

Okay, enough blabbing, are you ready to see their feet?!

I LOVE these little shoes. They turned out almost exactly as they were in my mind. I would love to make them just a little larger so I could do a white/black/white layered felt bottom and have them look like real Converse, but I was really going for something easy and quick. And I think they do the job nicely!


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