Friday, March 26, 2010

Heads Up!

I am working my butt off on the first new pattern I have designed myself in what feels like a million years. So far, I absolutely love it and everything has just come together perfectly, or near perfect. Big thanks to Allison for suggesting to me many times over that I first make my pattern in cheap muslin. There were a few measurements where I was off by about a half an inch and I am SO glad that I made those mistakes out of $2.47 a yard fabric and not $8.99 a yard fabric.

Anyway, I have a bunch of projects up my sleeve for the near future, including one (or more) made from a layer cake. If you'd like to win a layer cake of your own(pre-cut 10" fabric squares, useful for a large variety of things) head over to the Adventures In Dressmaking blog to enter before March 28th.

A word of warning though, my recently purchased layer cake was the Chirp! one that is among your choices if you win. Layer cakes are usually 40 fabrics, sometimes there are a few repeats if the particular fabric line you choose did not have 40 fabrics. Chirp! has 22 fabrics in its line. There are 18 repeats in that cake! Something I wish I would have known before I bought mine.

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