Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday Moments

Happy Monday! I'm going to tell you some personal stuff. It's what I do on Mondays around here.  

I'm going gray. At my temples, which is all distinguished and kind of sexy if you're a man, and a huge pile of crap if you're me. I was supposed to be far older and richer when this happened. It's ironic that I spent my entire childhood praying that God would make me a mousy brunette (and turn my dog into a dalmatian while He was at it), and now I'm mourning the fact that convincing red hair color is pretty much nonexistent. 

This has become especially important to me since having my daughter, who is also a redhead. I want to look like her mother and not endure years of, "Where did she get that hair from?" My mom heard it so often that she would make jokes about it, and I think I was about six when I told someone, "My mom says I get it from the milkman!" You can imagine how well that went over, and the huge talking to I got about it!  

So, red hair in a bottle, that doesn't look like it comes from one, please, Internet! Someone get on top of that? I'm not getting any younger here! Right now I kind of have to pull my hair back for it to be seen, but I have no idea how quickly this stuff progresses.

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  1. Oh, man. Greys are so upsetting. I found one several months ago, and have been stalking my head regularly looking for more.

    I wonder if a natural coloring, like henna, would work for you? I don't know how true to your color it would be though, but I know it definitely has reddish tones.


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