Thursday, April 12, 2012

Just playing, maybe

I'm well aware that it's past time for Easter projects, but I just found out about this one when I saw this table topper in the finish links for Amy's Challenge. So I clicked around and found the instructions

I didn't follow the instructions, but I LOVED the designers idea for using the almost never used decorative stitches on her machine. I had an idea that used much larger eggs and I got out my Brother (I've been using my Kenmore for months because I thought my Brother had a timing issue..turns out it just needed to be shut off and turned back on! Gotta love computerized sewing machines!) to play with it. 

I think I can see why she used the size eggs that she did. Those stitches get longer and longer (the very bottom one in my pic) but not any wider. I think they get lost on my bigger egg, but how much? Do I scrap my idea completely or re-work it to use her smaller eggs? Or is it fine? 

I'm still not completely sure if I'm going to do this now and get ahead of the game, or wait until next spring and pray I remember what it is I wanted to do. Hmmm...

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