Sunday, April 1, 2012

Great beginner patterns!

After I posted my progress pictures for Caroline's dress on my personal Facebook page, my friend Allison commented that she really thinks she could, and would like to make dresses for her little girl. I figured there are probably more people like her out there, so I went digging around for an inspiration post. 

These two patterns are adorable and super simple with no buttons or zippers. A great place to start! Simplicity 2377 is the cutest, I think, but only comes in sizes 3-8. However, 5695 has a really similar construction and comes in two size variants 1/2 (the equivalent of a 6-12 months) -2 or 2-4. I think it would look really close to the photo version in the older girls pattern if you changed out the middle tier of version A or B to a coordinating print..and hello, cute hats! 

And it wouldn't be an inspiration post without some crush-worthy fabric. First up, two prints from a collection I'm so in love with right now, Fly a Kite in Teal Circles and Red Damask. 

Another great collection, Children at Play these prints would make an adorable (but not over the top) whimsical dress! Pictured in Pink Pinwheels and Soft Pink Meadow.

And for a similar feel to the dress I'm working on, in fabrics from the same manufacturer, Michael Miller, Citron Gray Giraffe Love and Tiny Gingham and Orchid Gray Charcoal Tiny Houndstooth

What do you think? There are, of course, a million cute kids clothing tutorials out there for free, but if you truly want to learn how to follow a manufactured pattern these would be great places to start! 


  1. Oh my gosh!! Thank you so much for posting this! I was just telling Wade that I really want to try my hand at sewing a real pattern, since I have always been too intimidated by them, and didn't really know where to start.

  2. Okay, I LOVE that pinwheel fabric! AH!!! Melinda, I've been so good not to buy fabric lately but I tihnk I might need to break my fast...!!!


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