Saturday, December 18, 2010

Still one to go

This is the backing for one of my log cabin stars throw quilts. The star is almost exactly centered and the strips continue in one piece all the way to the binding. Normally when I show my husband something he takes a quick look and tells me it's nice. With this he actually did a double take and said to me, "That's a nice back. I think it's nicer than the front." Apparently I did all of the piecing for nothing. Ha!

I bound it in the same yellow print that I used in a couple of the corner blocks. I like it. The lighting in here was too bad to take a picture of the full thing today, but if you need a refresher on what the complete top looks like you can find it here.

I'll be spending the next few days working on turning the second top from that post into a full fledged quilt.

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