Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Birthday baby

I made mention yesterday that my niece was very concerned that I be told she wanted a new baby and some baby clothes. This is my gift. The baby was $10 at Walmart and by far the cheapest all vinyl bodied doll I could find. She's tiny, tiny, but for a four year old she's the perfect size to carry around everywhere and I am so happy I discovered her way in the back of the shelf.

I started with diapers. She was wearing a very cheap cloth diaper when I bought her, so I took it off, traced around it and added 1/4 inch to make the pattern for these. They were so cute and easy I got more than a little carried away.

I grabbed a bunch of flannel scraps from my stash, making sure to include some pieces that are special to me, my niece and her mom. These three are the special ones. On the far left is a scrap from the baby quilt my mother-in-law made for my nephew, something he was at one point using every day. So she'll have a little piece of her baby brother on her baby doll. The middle diaper is made from the scraps of the pillow case I made her for her birthday last year and the one on the right is a scrap from the border of the first quilt I ever finished. I love incorporating little hidden extras like that into projects. I think it makes it even more precious.

Now for that question I promised...I'm a little lacking on motivation. Not for this project. The big hug I'm going to get in a couple weeks is motivation enough. No, I'm lacking the will to finish something that has been paid for. Yikes! Do you ever get yourself into the situation where you agree to do something for a certain price, and then it ends up being so much work that you can't possibly fathom finishing it? I know what I have to do, and what is right, whether or not I think I'm being paid enough, after all, it was agreed on that I would sell it for that price. The problem is wanting to work on it when I know I have done way more work already than the money warrants. How do I get myself excited about it again?

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  1. I'm afraid you can't get excited about it again...best you can do is force yourself to finish it. Blah, I know, but...

    Love the baby diapers! Your niece is going to be so excited...love that you used meaningful fabrics, that makes is so much more special.


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