Friday, April 30, 2010

The whole shebang

I showed you the major cake decor Wednesday. I went to make the rest of the cake last night, as I was worried about drying time (the puppy: not drying out the way I thought she would). Then found out I didn't purchase enough frosting.

Yeah, frosting. You have to layer fondant over frosting to give it a nice base to smooth over. So I ran out of frosting, and did not have the supplies to make more. I decided to go out first thing this morning. I frosted the cake, rolled out the rest of the fondant, cut out my shapes and finished up with this...

All before noon. I feel like a huge success, even though there is definite room for improvement. It would be much more obvious if not for some strategically placed stars. Next time, I'm buying the plastic rolling pin. If I wished I had it making the puppy, I really, really wished I had it when it came time to cover the whole cake today.


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