Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I spent my day trying my hand at the marshmallow fondant I have heard is really easy, even for beginners. I have to agree so far, even though I haven't tried to cover the cake with it yet.

My first time ever I made a batch, and colored it something like seven different colors and sculpted that decent looking Littlest Pet Shop dachshund.

I can definitely see room for improvement. I need one of those shiny plastic rolling pins. I really thought my wood one was smooth, but it's pretty obvious that it isn't with all of the little pits on the surface of my fondant. Oh and this thing looks like an alien from the side because I had some issues layering it and rolling it thin enough.

Still though, I'm definitely not disappointed in it as a first try. I think I'll be working with it again.


  1. That looks awesome! You should definitely win some kind of mom of the year award or something.


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