Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Monday Moments: Tuesday Edition

Isn't he sweet? Sleeping on his floor just because he wanted to and because I was so desperate to get him down for a nap that I didn't really care at that moment.

I have a lot of those days lately. Two year olds are insane little bi-polar creatures. One minute they're playing by themselves quietly, or sitting nicely in your lap and the next it's an all out battle for your life over the strangest, stupidest things.

This morning, for example, I was making myself some eggs and he asked for a pink one (I guess he now thinks all eggs are Easter eggs). So I cooked an egg for him, and as my back was at the stove he pulled my rolling pin out of some yet unpacked box. I knew it would end badly, but at that moment, I stupidly thought burning the eggs was the worst possible outcome. Sure enough, a minute or so later he came up to me with the rolling pin and hit me on the back with it. I grabbed for it, and once I had it, he flew off of the handle (oh, did you think smacking me with the rolling pin was flying off the handle? Psh...not for my kid). I turned around to put it on a shelf he can't reach and as I was doing so, he grabbed the part of me nearest him and started biting.

Yes, today my two year old hit me with a rolling pin and then bit my ass. With the rolling pin still in my hand I couldn't do anything without risking smacking him upside the head with a heavy wooden object. So I yelled very, very loud.

He was so frightened by my yelling that he curled into a little ball and cried for about five minutes until his breakfast was done. I stood there just marveling at the logic of it all. Mommy yells and she's the most horrible scary person on the planet worth crying in a ball over? From the person who attacked me with a heavy kitchen tool, then sank his teeth into my backside for daring to take it away?

Is he three yet?

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