Friday, April 9, 2010

Before & After

More party preparations are in the works. For today I bring you the pinata part of the celebration. It was another thing that my step-daughter insisted on for the party. Not just any pinata either, it had to be a parrot or a toucan.

I know there have got to be quite a few of you out there going, "Why in the world are you putting up with these crazy demands?" I don't really have a good answer except to say that in all of the years since the divorce my step-daughter has never let our family throw her party. The chance at finally being able to take a roll in her birthday celebration is a pretty big deal, and we want to treat it like one.

Back to the pinata...only one store in our area even carried a bird, so it was either buy it, or make my own. Obviously, I put that sucker right in my cart!

I decided that it wasn't too bad of a bird. It's head didn't take up half of its body and the eyes didn't take up half of the head, so it was distinctly not a Littlest Pet Shop bird, but I figured with a tiny alteration I could make it look a lot more like one.

I can think of quite a few more alterations that could make this into an even better approximation of a Littlest Pet Shop bird. It really helps quell the crafty tendencies though, when I know it is going to be smashed to bits.


  1. I wondered why you were going to all the trouble...that explains it.

    I like the new layout :)

  2. Both are beautiful. When in the birthday party? I hope you have/had a great time. And I also hope you continue to have the joys as you face the never-ending challenges of a blending family.


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