Monday, April 5, 2010

Monday Moments

Happy belated Easter to everyone! We mixed the traditional with the completely nontraditional and had a wonderful day. We started the morning out at church, like most people do, we came home and hid eggs for our son, then we went off the rails, packed a picnic lunch of egg salad sandwiches and headed out for a drive through the middle of the woods.

We came across this creek that snaked perfectly around everything. It looked like a whole bunch of S's strung together.

Of course we had to cross this creek sometime. This was the first bridge, the one in the best condition. Yikes! I almost had a heart attack when my husband wanted to stop in the middle of it with our almost 6,000 lb truck and take this photo.

At the end of our trip we came across this old stone foundation. As I climbed down an incredibly steep hill to get this photo, I had the sudden realization that I was probably standing in what used to be someone's basement 100 plus years ago. Maybe not traditional, but I bet we have way more memories of this Easter than we would of a ham dinner.

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