Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Success and Failure

The graduation party was a huge success. No sooner did we finish setting everything up than people started walking through the door. I took a million and one photos, but nearly all of them ended up being of family instead of my crafty exploits.

I followed the party up on Sunday with a trip to the emergency room that convinced me I need my own personal Michael Moore to tag along on future trips. Ugh...

BUT...I did, finally, just in the nick of time, finish my sewing contest entry. The contest was to make a creative apron using a basic pattern provided. I think I did a decent job on the overall construction, but what I am really proud of is the pocket. I had it pictured in my head for weeks. I would applique rain boots in the same fabric as the ties and then use fabric paints to make them look more like actual boots. Having it actually turn out the way it did in my head is awesome! That rarely seems to happen.

So the party is over, I'm feeling mostly better, and I have nothing on my schedule, yet. I have a million and ten ideas for things I want to work on though, so no worries. I'll just pick something out of the pile and see where it leads.


  1. So why did you have to go to the emergency room?

  2. BTW...AWESOME paint job on the boots!

  3. I have an ulcer...maybe. It's either that or another similar stomach condition. I should e-mail you about it. It's a whole heaping pile of ridiculous.

  4. The paint on the rain boots is amazing. You perfectly captured the light's reflection.

    Sorry you had a trip to the ER! Hope you're feeling better...


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