Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Dreadfully busy

I am still up to my ears in graduation party stuff. Who knew? The worst part is that though there are tons of crafty little things I have done for this party, none of it really makes sense on its own. I will definitely be taking pictures there and letting you all in on the big picture.

Sunday I went to my sister's for a very quick visit, mostly to drop some things off to her because we have an SUV and a trailer and she has a Ford Taurus. Anyway, while I was there she let me know that my niece needs some pillow cases. Her birthday is coming up in August, so I thought that maybe I would make her the pillowcases and a matching blanket.

I am hesitant to do that because she has a beautiful quilt that was given to my sister at her baby shower. So now I'm thinking maybe pillowcases and a dress? My sister did say she needs clothes. I have been googling when I should have been finishing up my contest entry and I really think I like this Simplicity pattern. I have never in my life sewn a zipper though. Every time I hear someone who is an experienced sewer say something gives them trouble (zippers, quilt binding, applique) I get all nervous and unsure of my ability to do it. I need to learn how, because I have the most adorably adorable Halloween costume pattern for Gabe this year that has a zipper.

My mom's birthday was the 2nd, so I took her a cute little penguin I made when I was visiting my sister. I completely forgot to take pictures of it though. I can't wait until Saturday has come and gone and my brain (and crafty exploits) can get back to normal.

How do people plan weddings? Sheesh...


  1. I immediately thought 'pillowcases and matching PJs', but that dress pattern is cute.

    Good luck today!

  2. I'm sure whatever you make will be much loved , take care .


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