Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I must proclaim my love for Shutterfly. One of my graduation party projects was a collage poster of embarrassing and cute photos of my step-son. My mom summed it up nicely when she said, "I can't believe you're paying someone to make a collage!"

Here's why I did. Shutterfly is one of the few sites I have been on that lets you arrange your own pictures, not just upload them. I loved being able to crop and zoom in on the photos instead of the computer randomly placing the entire picture in the collage. That way, when I scan the 4X6 photo of the naked baby running through Grandma's living room I can focus right in on the butt and leave out the early 90's People Magazine on the coffee table. Not to mention, I can put that baby butt right on the wall and not have to worry about damaging that one of a kind (no digital file on the computer, OMG, how did we live?) picture with tape or glue.

It came today and it looks amazing! Being composed of mostly zoomed in and cropped scans of 4X6 photos I was skeptical that it would look as good as it did on my monitor, but it really does! Also, I ordered a 20X30 poster and was fully expecting some thin sheet of paper like a poster you'd buy at a store, even for $25. It's thick! Love Shutterfly...and the $10 off coupon I got didn't hurt either.

Now for a complete change of subject, my mother-in-law brought me this fabric pack the other day. If you know me, you probably know that I love frogs. I dress my son in frogs. I buy a frog or turtle every time I go on vacation to add to my collection. I love this fabric. I just don't know what to do with it. I wouldn't want a frog purse. I'm thinking a quilt, but 10 fat quarters isn't enough to make a blanket. I guess I'm looking for suggestions. What fabrics would you pair with this in a quilt? Do you have a favorite quilt pattern that doesn't use a large variety of materials?


  1. Hmm... FQ packs like that are a lot of fun, but yes, hard to do a lot with...

    Maybe a wall-hanging of a few of your favorite fun quilt blocks... it would be a great time to try a few blocks you like to see how well you enjoy making them, and turn them into a wall sampler. Or... while you don't want a purse, what you have there is a perfect amount of fabric to make a tote or a bag... something that would be great for toting books back and forth to the library and whatnot... and it shows off one of your favorite things! Personally, that would be my vote.

    Another option is to buy fabric that complements it, and turn it into a larger lap-size type of quilt for your home. Because the fabric print is somewhat large and has a special novelty to it, you could do a block that show cases a larger piece of fabric...

    Just a few ideas! :)


  2. You have definitely given me some ideas, Erin! Thank you! I have something in mind now, but I need to draw it out and see if it would work in fabric the way it does in my head.


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