Saturday, June 20, 2009


I bought the supplies to make my niece a couple birthday dresses last night. I completely and totally chickened out on the dress with the zipper. I got a very similar pattern with a square neckline and some buttons at the back instead. Buttons are easier. I am a wuss.

Dress number one:

And dress number two:

I got home and realized that these little dresses for my niece would be perfect with matching purses. My mother-in-law brought me over The Owl & the Pussycat purse pattern by Melly & Me (the makers of that giraffe that shows up here frequently)quite awhile ago, and I have yet to make them. I am hoping to have enough left over of the bird fabric to make the owl, and enough of the hippie paisley to make the pussycat. Wouldn't that be so cute? I am so glad that I bought a little extra of each when I went shopping.


  1. i LOVE that bird and flower fabric. It's so 70s and adorable.

  2. somehow who was alive during the 70s I'll have to disagree with Allison...but it is retro-esque and very cute.

    I love the blue/green combo best...but I'm biased, those are close to the colors I'm remodeling my studio in.

    Do you have a big jar of old buttons? Everyone should have more so than I because you sew...if you don't I'll send you one.

  3. Ooohh. I don't have a big jar of old buttons. I always buy buttons for whatever my specific project is and keep the extra in my sewing basket. That would be totally cool of you to send one over.

  4. :)

    email me your address...I've got a couple for you and I'm not sure which is most recent.

  5. Melinda, Melinda. I Love Love LOVE the bird fabric. Where, oh, WHERE did you find it?

    In response to your question... I don't like zippers. I am not very good at them, but then, I don't "do" them very often. So I think if I did them more often, it would be easier. But, all that aside, I would not suggest doing them on this project if it is your first time w/ zippers on something.

    And I ditto the button jar. Love Love LOVE button jars. *sigh*

  6. I got the bird fabric in the children's apparel section of Jo-Ann. I think it's called Sweet Tweets.


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