Friday, September 7, 2012

Paper pieced pumpkin, part duex

I know that I said my goal for my mini quilt was to cut the pieces by Monday, however, when I cut them out I have a little panic attack that I might lose them and end up sewing them together. It's not a bad problem to have...

Today's block is a little baby pumpkin.

I think the big one is less than six inches, if that gives you any idea of scale. Something is up with the color on these, because in person those blues could not be more different. The big pumpkin is a dark greenish blue, and the smaller one is a bright true blue. There are two more blocks in this quilt with blue backgrounds, I think I'm going to break my rules and buy something so that they can match. Something between the green/true blue, but in a darker tone. I'm hoping that will unify everything, and also hoping my local quilt shop has something like that in stock! 

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