Monday, September 10, 2012

Monday Moments and challenge results

A week ago I entered the One Thing, One Week Challenge at Amy's Creative Side. My goal was to cut all of the fabric for the mini quilt pattern I bought at the AQS Show. I'm happy to say that not only did I get all of it cut, I actually sewed four blocks! 

I posted the two pumpkins earlier, but this is your first peek at the turkey and flying geese blocks. My turkey needs some trimming up. This pattern may have been a bit advanced for me, as that little birdie made me want to tear my hair out a few times! 

I'm excited to finish up sewing this, though! I probably would have had more done, but it is soccer season and after a year off, I am a soccer mom again. 

The first game was Saturday and it was light pink versus dark pink. So confusing! 

Caroline played with keys and sunglasses and crawled around the sidelines. She really has no idea what's going on, but was generally pretty well behaved except for the part where she smacked her head on our lawn chairs. Poor baby! 

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  1. Those pumpkins are so adorable! That is going to be a great mini!


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