Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday Moments

Another Monday, another weekend soccer game! Our team has had two games, and two losses, but they're getting better! It seems like there is at least one team every year where every single girl is bigger than every single girl on our team...

As if soccer games weren't enough to make it feel like fall, we are well into Halloween prep in our house. I took Gabe to the party store to scope out things for his birthday (and kind of sort of look around for Caroline's birthday without really acknowledging that she's about to be one) and instead found him a Halloween costume. My step-daughter and I have both decided what we're going to be and have been scouring thrift stores for pieces to our costumes, and I'm really excited to do some sewing for us! Maybe even a couple tutorials!

I'm also completely finished with my mini quilt blocks! Feeling real productive right about long as you don't ask about that first birthday party.

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