Thursday, February 10, 2011


Just in the nick of time, I finished my potholder for the contest over at Prudent Baby. I had about a half dozen sketches that I was hoping to make for it, but in the end the one I wanted to make most was so much more work than I imagined.

You want to see?

This is the back. The little hexagon part is a pocket to put your hand in.

Here is the front.

I always try to learn a new skill with every contest I enter. That way if I don't win, at least I have added something to my repertoire. Of course, this also means that a supposedly simple potholder making contest turns into a week long project. I had never worked with hexagons before, though it had been a goal of mine for months now. I purchased some Teflon shapes at JoAnn quite awhile ago (because if I had to cut these little bits out of paper I never would have attempted it) and finally got up the courage to try them out.

And there will be a whole post on those Teflon hexes soon.

I made quite a few mistakes, but the top-stitching I did over the hexagons really hides the errors well. I totally recommend it. I love how the reproduction fabrics and traditional shapes make this look like it almost could have been made from an old quilt. Hooray for new kitchen accessories!


  1. The hexagons are lovely! And I love the top stitching, it really adds to the effect. Been meaning to try hexagons for a while now but I dont have the patience for paper piecing...

  2. the hexagons look really good. and I love what you said about at least learning a new skill if you don't win the contest. That's how I feel- if I don't win, at least I'm pretty good with bias tape now :)

  3. those hexagons are gorgeous! you used one of my favorite color combos too :) good luck!


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