Monday, February 7, 2011

Random stuff

I could show you a Monday Moments picture, but you would get the same effect staring at a white wall, or a blank sheet of paper. We got almost 16 inches of snow last week! I had my posts scheduled so that I could work on a new pattern I'm has been almost a week with all the white stuff, and it's no fun. The schools are back in session, and the roads are clear (mostly) but the snow that was on the roads had to go somewhere...and that's generally into a pile large enough to hide an SUV or two right on the edge of the road. Turning any corner is now an adventure! Is there a car coming that I can't see? Am I about to get creamed?

For right now, I'm scrambling to get an entry or two into this contest. All you have to do is make a potholder (it must be new and made for the competition) and e-mail a photo in to have a shot at one of two sewing machines! Good ones too, with all kinds of fancy features.

I finally decided what to spend my Fat Quarter Shop gift certificate on. I opted out of the layer cake. I want one so bad, but I need more fabric to finish the quilt for my bed, and that didn't leave a lot left to spend. So I threw a couple charm packs in my cart instead and am planning on coming up with something for the Moda Bakeshop monthly contest series that starts in March.

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