Thursday, February 3, 2011


This is a lunch bag I worked on with my step-daughter. After a couple consecutive weeks of her forgetting to bring her lunch box home with her I decided that maybe she needed more than one and asked her if she'd like to make her own.

She picked out the outside fabric, and agreed with me that the polka dot would make a good inside since it wasn't really going to be seen. I cut out the rectangles for the bag and had her sew around them. I wanted her to make the whole thing, but when I took our last paper lunch sack out of her cupboard to take some measurements, it was completely malformed. I had to square off the corners, turn it out, add the strap and do the top stitching while she was in bed, otherwise she would have had nothing to put her lunch in. Oh well, any practice is a good thing!

It turned out cute, but not how I was expecting. I should have checked out a few tutorials first, it's a little bulkier than I wanted...

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