Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Monday Moments: Tuesday Edition

We went out on Monday and cut down our Christmas tree. It was tough finding a family farm that will let you drive through their field to pick out the perfect tree. Oh we found plenty that would let you park your car outside the lot, walk the lot, cut down your tree and then drag it back to your vehicle over acres. No thanks! Not with a toddler.

We eventually found the farm perfect for us, and I think this was at least our third tree from this place, whose name and exact location we bicker about every year in the car on the way there. We love them though. All of the trees have some issues, as natural trees tend to do, so it's always my husband and I getting out of the car, circling the potential tree trying to decide if we can turn the bald spot to the wall before we unbuckle the kids to check out THE ONE.

Sure it's a little lopsided, but as far as the kids are concerned it's six feet of pretty.

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