Monday, November 22, 2010

Goal oriented

My husband ordered this car part from a local auto shop a long time ago. See, he wanted a new bumper, and this place told him, "Don't pay that outrageous price, we can build you one." Well, we had a pretty good relationship with these people, so my husband said, "Great!" and handed over the money for supplies. At the beginning of last week he went into the shop and discovered that absolutely no progress had been made.

So my husband said, "Every year I take my kids into a field to pick out the Christmas tree and we get tons of family photos with my truck. Either my old bumper needs to be put back on for free, or my new bumper needs to be done next week." And suddenly, work started on the bumper. My husband came home triumphantly saying, "Our mechanic is just like you. He needs a deadline."

I laughed, but I couldn't disagree with him. I always, always have some tiny bit of hand sewing to do in the car on the way to exchange Christmas gifts. I always end up deciding the second week in December that someone doesn't really need some gift I was going to make for them. I just don't have enough motivation in the earlier months of the year to get it all done on time.

Thank heavens that Amy is holding another One Thing, One Week Challenge. A charm pack is excellent motivation.

Amy's Creative Side

My goals for the week (goals with an S! There are only 34 days until Christmas!)

-finish the backing for that quilt I mentioned four days ago and still haven't touched.

-finish painting on two name ornaments

-finish one coffee cup sleeve

Secondary goals that I would love to meet, but am not deeming necessary right now:

-get the fabric for another coffee cup sleeve (something manly, don't have much of that in my stash)

-baste the monkey wrench quilt

-start quilting on the monkey wrench quilt


  1. great goals!! If you need a tutorial for your coffee sleeve, i just posted one this morning on my blog!

    Good luck with your goals this week!

  2. Go, Melinda, go! Just think, if you get all that accomplished this week it will be done before December even starts. :)


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