Monday, November 29, 2010

Challenge results

If you recall, one week ago I entered the One Thing, One Week Challenge over at Amy's Creative Side. Except I dubbed my challenge "Three Things, One Week" because I wanted to finish the backing of my quilt, finish painting some name ornaments and finish one coffee mug cozy.

Did I do all of that? No. Am I saying I completed the challenge? Yes.

First things first, I scratched FIVE things off of my list, but I definitely have some explaining to do. I'll start with the incredibly, awesomely good accomplishment that makes me think I can call this complete. Not only did I finish the backing on my quilt, I basted it. And although I listed one of my secondary goals as "start quilting" I actually sat down and finished quilting the entire thing this weekend. I am hoping to have it bound and washed by Wednesday to throw up a big finish picture, but for now I offer a tiny bit of photographic evidence.

Now, the other two things I scratched off of my list aren't as good. See, I wanted the coffee cup cozies to go around those reusable coffee mugs that look just like the generic white cups you get from the coffee shops. I thought it would make them look extra real and more like a complete gift. I went out on Black Friday to my store of choice and they had two left...and one was broken. Since this was going to be a gift for a couple, I wanted their cups to match. I had this moment, standing in the middle of a crowd where I imagined walking up to a sales associate, asking if there were more mugs anywhere, waiting for this person to find more mugs if there were any, purchasing these mugs, taking them home, and sewing two more things before Christmas...or just grabbing the insulated travel mugs that were also on sale for a dollar less. I came home with the travel mugs, scratching the coffee cup cozies and shopping for extra manly fabric off of my list, and probably most importantly the extra stress of being in any store, any amount longer than necessary on Black Friday.

I did paint quite a bit on the name ornaments too, but they are not finished yet. Still, very productive weekend where I "finished" at least three things. I'm calling it good. Hop on over to Amy's and see what everyone else has accomplished.

Amy's Creative Side

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