Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Teeny Tiny Gnomes

Not only is Teeny Tiny Gnome a pretty rare Monkees song (you can hear a sampling of it here), it's also the pattern for this super cute Michael Miller fabric that I have been hoarding for about four months now.

I had been dreaming up something cute, padded and red to hold my new camera since Saturday when I opened the box. Why red?

It had to match! I am so a sucker for red things. It's just the icing on the cake when I get a camera from my favorite camera company in my favorite color. I really had no plan for my Gnoming Around anyway, I just knew it was cute and I had to have it.

I am a little sad that some of my favorite little gnomes ended up on the back though. Like this mom, dad and little boy family.

I am also a little sad that I didn't take into account the thickness of the fabric when I had my genius idea to square off the corners. Because it was way too thick and I couldn't do what I wanted, and now I have this envelope shape instead of a boxy one. Over all though, I'm happy and super excited that not only do I get to take my camera with me everywhere, I get to take a bit of my adorable fabric too!


  1. I love your idea and the fabric you used

  2. eeeeee!! That fabric and the case you made with it are both absolutely perfect.


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