Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Monday Moments: Tuesday Edition

So, I promised last week that if I was gone for any amount of time I would come back with cute baby pictures. Turns out that my niece is being stubborn and now nearly a week overdue. We're all going a little crazy.

I was sort of glad that she didn't come this weekend though, as I had a ton of plans and would have felt guilty not making the hours long trip to the hospital. Saturday we had the last soccer game of the season, a trip to the apple orchard, and a little birthday party for me. The parents, grandparents and the youngest child thought it was great. The older one was a little disappointed. She has been to so many commercial pumpkin patches that she wasn't really impressed with the actual, working, down home apple orchard. Where were the bounce houses? Where were the barrel trains and the face painting? How come the petting area only had real farm animals and no hybrid zebra/donkey or a chinchilla? We tried our hardest to explain the difference between a true family farm that has been owned and worked by the same people for over 100 years and a pumpkin patch.

It brought back childhood memories for my husband and I, who both grew up in small farming communities. It was just like home for us and we stocked up on plenty of farm fresh honey and maple syrup before we headed back to the city. It was a great weekend, even without a new baby.

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