Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday Moments

I decided to change things up a bit this weekend and took my son to one of my favorite parks. I bought him a once in a blue moon Happy Meal and let him pick out a picnic table for us to sit at. We talked and ate lunch, then played on the jungle gym.

Before we left I wanted to try to get some great photos of him with all of the fall color on the trees. He isn't exactly cooperative this year. I took him down a trail I've been down a dozen times...only they rerouted the entire trail system this spring. I ended up with my almost three year old on a 1.5 mile hiking trail. He started getting really tired and by the end was worried that I had gotten us lost. He told me that he thought he heard Daddy calling for us, wondering where we were. It was an exhausting but fun day.

In other news, I am still anxiously awaiting the birth of my niece who is due any day now. So if I'm gone for a few days, be assured that I'm coming back with adorable baby photos.

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