Thursday, October 21, 2010

30: The electronic gadget birthday

I will never deny that I am a very lucky woman with such a generous family. A family who buys me things that I would never buy myself, but I wouldn't think twice spending that kind of money on them (okay, maybe twice, but only because I'm kind of poor).

Why, are those iPod headphones?

Yes, yes they are. I am so in love with my new nano. It is my best sewing buddy, drowning out the kids and the husband when they have all promised me I can work, but inevitably have just one question. And since my car stereo only gets radio it has become my best buddy for the 40 minute wait in the parking lot at my step-daughter's school. I have to go so early to get a parking spot and my son is almost always asleep by the time I get there, so I end up sitting, bored for nearly an hour.

However, that first day I took it to school I was so concerned. I had to just sit it in my purse with my sunglasses and keys and loose change! I knew I would go crazy with worry if I didn't make some kind of cover for it, with something to keep the headphones from getting all tangled up in the random crap inside my bag.

I will probably redo this case once I'm done with my nephew's Halloween costume and my disappearing nine patch quilt. I'm not happy with how it turned out and it takes less than a six inch square of fabric, so I won't be worried about killing my stash on it.

P.S. The fabric is Minny Muu and I love it! You can probably find it around somewhere or settle for the equally cute, equally tiny New Minny Muu.

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  1. A loop to tuck the cords in is a great idea, I may have to add one to my case, mine are forever getting tangled up.

    You are one lucky girl! Happy Birthday :)


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